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Estd. : 1881
City College
NAAC Accredited Degree College. Affiliated to University of Calcutta
Calcutta University
Last date of submission of Assignment for the students (MTMG-GE1) is 22/02/2022.


01.11.2021 : Notice for Change of Subject for Students admitted in Academic Session 2021-22.
08.10.2021 : Notice for 19th Admit Order of 1st Phase and 1st Admit Order of 4th Phase.
04.10.2021 : Notice seeking fresh application for admission to 1st Semester in a few subjects.
04.10.2021 : Notice for 2nd Admit Order of 2nd Phase.
04.10.2021 : Notice for 15th Admit Order.
01.10.2021 : Notice for 14th Admit Order.
01.10.2021 : Notice for 5th Round of Online Reporting, Accountancy Hons.
29.09.2021 : Notice for Fresh Application 2nd Phase UG Admission 2021-22.
28.09.2021 : Notice for 12th Admit Order.
25.09.2021 : Notice for 10th Admit Order.
24.09.2021 : Notice for 9th Admit Order.
24.09.2021 : Notice for Fresh 4th Online Expression of Willingness.
23.09.2021 : Corrigendum notice regarding 4th Online Expression of Interest.
18.09.2021 : Notice for 7th Admit Order.
17.09.2021 : Second opportunity for expressing willingness in four subjects/courses.
15.09.2021 : Notice for 6th Admit Order.
13.09.2021 : Notice for 5th Admit Order.
13.09.2021 : Notice for Admission Cancellation.
09.09.2021 : Notice for 4th Admit Order.
08.09.2021 : MANDATORY Online Expression of Interest in respect of Taking Admission to 1st Semester classes in our College.
03.09.2021 : 1st Admit Order.
01.09.2021 : URGENT NOTICE for Applicants to 1st semester classes for the session 2021-22.
01.09.2021 : Important Notice on Mandatory Expression of Willingness (Bengali version).
31.08.2021 : Notice for MANDATORY online expression of willingness to take admission.
28.08.2021 : REVISED Fee Structure for Admission to 1st Semester 2021.
25.08.2021 : REVISED tentative schedule for Admission Process (up to 1st Admit Order).
21.08.2021 : Notice regarding Extension of date of Application for Admission to Undergraduate Courses, Session 2021-22.
02.08.2021 : Selection Process.
02.08.2021 : Merit Score formula.
02.08.2021 : General Information.
02.08.2021 : Eligibility Criteria.
02.08.2021 : Subject Combinations of B.A./B.Sc. General.
02.08.2021 : Intake Capacity.
02.08.2021 : Subject Combinations of B.A./B.Sc./B.Sc. Hons. & General.
02.08.2021 : Tentative Admission Schedule.
UJOY Cloisonne Bracelet Colorful Cloisonne Design Gold Plated Hi
07.03.2022 : Notice regarding Feesbook Collection for Students of 1st Semester B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (admitted in the Academic Session 2021-22).
02.03.2022 : Quotations are invited for CCTV.
02.03.2022 : Quotations are invited for Instruments for Botany Dept.
23.02.2022 : One-Day Seminar on the occasion of "National Science Day".
21.02.2022 : Notice regarding issue of Fee Book to 1st Semester students 2021-2022.
21.02.2022 : Notice regarding issue of Identity Card to 1st Semester students (2021-2022).
21.02.2022 : Notice for 1st Semester Students missing in CU Checklist Data.
20.02.2022 : Notice regarding Issue of Identity Card to 1st Semester Students 2021-2022.
19.02.2022 : Notice for 1st Semester Students having error in CU Checklist Data.
18.02.2022 : Scholarship opportunity for students Graduated in 2021.
16.02.2022 : Notice for online submission of Application Form for 1st Semester Exam 2021.
15.02.2022 : Notice regarding commencement of 4th and 6th Semester classes.
13.02.2022 : Appeal to Ex-Students of City College Graduated during 2019-2021.
12.02.2022 : "Blood Donation: Understanding, Awareness & Camp."
Organized by Zoology Dept. & AQAC, City College.
10.02.2022 : Notice for B.Com. Semester-IV (Hons. & Gen.) students regarding collection of Admission Forms and submission of fees.
09.02.2022 : Notice regarding suspension of all Semester-I (Honours & General) classes.
08.02.2022 : Notice for sending the certificates of different Professional Development Programmes, Orientation / Induction Programmes, Refresher Course, Short Term Course etc. through email to NAAC Criterion-6 Committee members.
06.02.2022 : Notice for students of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. (CBCS) Semester IV and VI (Hons./Gen.) regarding FEES SUBMISSION.
02.02.2022 : Notice for all Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff and Students.
22.01.2022 : Notice for Semester-I Students of Academic Session 2021-22 who have Registration problems (multiple college/block list).
18.01.2022 : Notice for those students, who have failed to submit filled up Examination Application Form.
16.01.2022 : Restrictions and Relaxations Order, Government of West Bengal.
13.01.2022 : Notice regarding submission of Examination Form.
06.01.2022 : List of candidates without valid MIGRATION CERTIFICATE.
06.01.2022 : e-Magazine 'PERSPECTIVE'. On the auspicious occasion of our Foundation Day of City College, our Department of Political Science has published this e-magazine 'PERSPECTIVE'.
03.01.2022 : List of candidates who are ALREADY REGISTERED WITH CU.
02.01.2022 : Notice reagrding restriction measures for COVID-19 pandemic.
...more Notifications
Publishing Date Dept. Notice / Title / Topic
07.10.2021 Zoology Revised Provisional Routine for Online Theoritical Classes of Zoology (Semester 1, 3 and 5) with effect from 07.10.2021.
29.09.2021 Mathematics Online Class Schedule of Mathematics (Semesters 1, 3 and 5).
29.09.2021 Bengali Provisional Online Class Schedule of Bengali (Semesters 1, 3 and 5).
28.09.2021 Botany Online Class Schedule of Botany (Semesters 1, 3 and 5).
28.09.2021 Physiology Online Class Schedule of Physiology (Semesters 1, 3 and 5).
28.09.2021 Sanskrit Online Class Schedule of Sanskrit.
26.09.2021 History Online Class Schedule of History.
26.09.2021 Physics Provisional Routine for Online Theoretical Classes of Physics (Semester 1, 3 and 5) with effect from 01.10.2021.
26.09.2021 Philosophy Online Class Schedule of Philosophy.
26.09.2021 Political Science Online Class Schedule of Political Science (July 2021 to December 2021).
23.09.2021 Chemistry Provisional Routine for Online Theoretical Classes of Chemistry (Semester 1, 3 and 5) with effect from 01.10.2021.
22.09.2021 English Online Class Routine.
03.09.2021 Economics Online Class Routine.
19.05.2021 ENVS ENVS Class Routine for the students (Regular & Backlog) of B.Sc., B.Com. & B.A. 2nd Semester (under CBCS system), 2021.
17.04.2021 Mathematics Modified Routine for Online Class of Math Hons. & Gen. 2021 Even Semester.
17.04.2021 Economics Class Routine for Even Semesters (Honours and General).
...more Notifications
Publishing Date Dept. Notice / Title / Topic
27.02.2022 Sanskrit E-Mail Id for submission of Sanskrit Sem-1 Examination Answer Script, 2021.
27.02.2022 English Notice for English Sem-1 (Honours and General) regarding the Answer Script submission.
27.02.2022 History Notice and General Instructions for CU Theoretical Exam 2022 (Sem-1, Hons. and General) History.
26.02.2022 Commerce Email Id for submission of answer scripts of B.Com. Sem-1 Exam 2021-22.
26.02.2022 AECC-1
[MIL (Bengali)]
Schedule for Bengali (Hons. & Gen.) Sem-1 Theoretical Examinations, 2021-22.
26.02.2022 -- Instruction for Students B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Sem-1 CU Exam 2021.
26.02.2022 -- Sample of the Front Page.
26.02.2022 All CU Exam Routine for UG Sem-1 2021.
26.02.2022 Botany Schedule for Botany (Hons. & Gen.) Sem-1 Theoretical and Practical Examinations, 2021-22.
25.02.2022 AECC1-English Notice for the students of the 1st Semester regarding the answer script submission of AECC1 and CMEC.
25.02.2022 Zoology Schedule for Zoology (Hons. & Gen.) Sem-1 Theoretical and Practical Examinations, 2021-22.
25.02.2022 Physics Schedule for Physics Sem-1 Theoretical and Practical Examinations, 2021-22.
23.02.2022 Physiology Schedule for Sem-1 (CBCS) Physiology (Hons. and Gen.) Theory and Practical Exam (Online), under C.U. 2021.
22.02.2022 Chemistry Schedule for Sem-1 (CBCS) Chemistry (Hons. and Gen.) Theory and Practical Exam (Online), under C.U. 2021.
22.02.2022 Hindi Notice for Theoretical Exam 2022 of HING & HINM for Sem-1.
15.02.2022 AECC1 English Notice for 1st Semester B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. (Honours and General) students regarding AECC1 English Internal Examination 2022.
15.02.2022 English Notice for 1st Sem English (Honours and General) students regarding Internal Examination 2022.
15.02.2022 All First Semester Hons. and General Examination (IA) 2022.
15.02.2022 Botany Schedule of Internal Assessment 2022, Botany, Semester-1 (Hons. & General) under CBCS System.
12.02.2022 Physics Schedule of Internal Assessment 2021-2022, Physics, Semester-1 (Hons. & General).
11.02.2022 Commerce Schedule of Internal Assessment 2021-2022, Commerce, Semester-1 (Hons. & General).
11.02.2022 Mathematics Schedule of Internal Assessment 2021-2022, Mathematics, Semester-1 (Hons. & General).
11.02.2022 Bengali Schedule of Internal & Tutorial Examination 2022, Bengali, Semester-1 (Hons. & General).
10.02.2022 Zoology Schedule of Internal Assessment 2022, Zoology, Semester-1 (Hons. & General).
10.02.2022 Sanskrit B.A Sanskrit Semester-1 (Hons. & General) Internal & Tutorial Examination 2022.
10.02.2022 Philosophy Notice for Internal Assessment Examination for 1st Sem, 2021-2022.

City College provides a friendly and stimulating environment for learning. On offer are a wide choice of undergraduate courses in Arts, Science and Commerce. At present, 14 subjects are taught at the Honours level. City College draws its academic strength from not only a very rich faculty, but also an excellent library, which received special praise from the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) peer team during its visit to our College. Seminars, workshops and projects further liven up and enrich the academic ambience.

The City College was first started as a High School (City School) on 6th January 1879. The Sadharan Brahmo Samaj was founded in 1878. Its leadership soon decided to work in the field of education. The school was elevated to a college in the year 1881. The Institution was founded by late Ananda Mohan Bose, M.A., Barrister-at-Law and the first Indian wrangler of Cambridge University.The college played an important part in Bengal renaissance.

In the year 1961 the various branches of the City College were converted to separate colleges under instructions of the University Grants Commission. While the original college retained the original name “City College”, the branches were renamed as separate colleges.

Many luminaries taught at City College, among them were Krishna Kumar Mitra, C. R. Das, Surendranath Bandyopadhyay, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Harendra Kumar Mukhopadhyay, poet Jibanananda Das and Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah to name a few. Among its illustrious Principals, was the legendary Heramba Chandra Maitra...Read more


The Sadharan Brahmo Samaj
College Library
Research & Publication

Community College of City College
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